Giant Chocolate Chip M&M Cookie

This weekend I went to Canada’s Baking & Sweets Show, which is basically a trade show for baking. I got to see demos of new techniques, new baking products from all around, and the best part was sampling different vendors baking (of course). From gluten free cake mixes to macarons to even hot sauce, they… Continue reading Giant Chocolate Chip M&M Cookie


Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl Frosting

Does anyone else get super messy when they bake? I try so hard to stay on top of the mess I’m creating and clean as I go when I bake but when it comes to cupcakes, my kitchen is a write-off. If I’m making cupcakes there will be buttercream literally everywhere but I’d definitely say… Continue reading Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl Frosting


Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts

I’ve kind of fallen into making spiced desserts this past week or two, I think it’s just the time of year inspiring me. 🙂 These are oven baked (healthier!) apple cider doughnuts with a cinnamon sugar glaze coating, perfect as a Fall treat to go with your morning coffee. The spiced taste in these doughnuts… Continue reading Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts

Brownies & Bars

S’mores Cookie Bars

Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean you have to go without s’mores! These cookie bars are the less-mess and no-fuss version of the s’more and they are sooo delicious. It always boggles my mind when I meet someone who has never had a s’more, I feel like it’s just a summer staple. I… Continue reading S’mores Cookie Bars


Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes

These cupcakes are unreal. UN-REAL. I love them. Inspired by my favourite Fall Starbuck’s drink, these made from scratch pumpkin spice cupcakes are to die for and the icing literally tastes exactly like a cinnamon bun. AND they’re super cute! If you’re a pumpkin fan or even a fan of spiced cake, these are the… Continue reading Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes


Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies & Oatmeal Coconut Chip Cookies

One cookie, two ways. Oatmeal cookies are one of my favourites, they’re so simple and delicious. Here are two versions of this traditional cookie – These were delicious right out of the oven but they don’t stay soft and chewy for very long so you have to eat them up! I kept them in an… Continue reading Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies & Oatmeal Coconut Chip Cookies


Apple Crisp

Oh my gosh, it is cold outside. Our temperatures went from 25-30 degrees to 10-15 degrees in a week’s time. I am 300% not a fan of Winter but I LOVE Fall! The brisk weather means breaking out the warm, cozy sweaters, watching the trees change colours, hot coffee, Starbuck’s specialty drinks (guilty), and finally,… Continue reading Apple Crisp